Top 5 Support Combos in Dota 2 Patch 7.29c

High 5 Assist Combos in Dota 2 Patch 7.29c

The help function is extraordinarily underrated and infrequently disregarded in Dota 2, particularly in low MMR brackets. Nevertheless, it’s typically these unnoticed help heroes who can flip the result of a staff battle with a well-timed potential.

This text options the highest 5 help hero combos that may be deadly and supply management at virtually any level within the recreation of Dota 2.

High 5 Assist Hero combos in Dota 2 patch 7.29c

#5 Disruptor and Earthshaker

Disruptor has some unbelievable zoning skills. He can use Glimpse to deliver a goal to the place they was 4 seconds in the past. Kinetic area retains heroes inside a wall they escape, and his final, Static Storm, silences the opponents contained in the AoE.

If the Disruptor can maintain 2 opponents within the Kinetic area, he can anticipate the Earthshaker to get in with a thunderous Echo-slam.

#4 Grimstroke and Lion

Grimstroke has a devastating final, which permits any point-target spell to be forged on two heroes. All of Lion’s skills are level focused spells, and two of them are superb disables.

Hex turns the focused unit right into a frog. Earthspike is a stun which lasts for two.6 seconds at stage 4. Mana Drain drains Mana from the focused enemies and Finger of Dying is the last word which does devastating magic injury burst. All three of those spells may be forged on two enemies in a battle, which may doubtlessly flip a staff battle.

#3 Disruptor and Techies

Techies is likely one of the most annoying heroes to take care of within the recreation. They’ve the power to dish out monumental quantities of Magical injury in a hard and fast AoE.

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As mentioned earlier within the article, Disruptor has disgusting zoning skills, thus making him a superb set-up to not let enemies escape the Space of Impact of a Techies’ Distant Mine, or a Blast Off.

#2 Witch Physician and Lina

Witch Physician’s Maledict causes enemies to take injury at common intervals whereas below its impact. The quantity of injury is dealt bursts over that time period.

Lina has three spells, all of which deal injury and her final, Laguna Blade, is a burst of magical injury.

If mixed, Maledict, Laguna Blade and Witch Physician’s final Dying Ward, any hero may be killed at any level in Dota 2.

#1 Lich and Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit, in Dota 2, has a plethora of spells, like Geomagnetic Grip, Boulder Smash, Magnetize, and many others, which severely cut back the mobility of enemy heroes.

Lich has a devastating final. His Chain Frost bounces between enemy heroes to deal injury. With every bounce, Chain Frost offers extra injury.

This mixture can have a devastating impact in a team-fight of Dota 2, thus making it an exquisite combo.

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