How to beat Tyrannus and farm easy loot in Outriders

Tips on how to beat Tyrannus and farm simple loot in Outriders

Gamers in Outriders have discovered an extremely simple approach to farm loot, and that’s by taking down Tyrannus. The strategy is simple to repeat and has virtually no threat for prime rewards.

Tyrannus is the boss that gamers have to combat on the finish of the hunt known as “Predator to Prey.” The boss has challenges and assaults that should be evaded like another aspect quest in Outriders. Nonetheless, there is a protected spot in that combat that makes the loot farm a breeze in comparison with different quests.

As a way to begin the hunt for Tyrannus in Outriders, gamers should be within the Forest Enclave. If the purpose is reached the place the Outrider is looking for the outdated truck that they used to have within the space, then the hunt to kill Tyrannus may be obtained.

How get the Predator to Prey quest and combat Tyrannus in Outriders

When gamers start to seek for the truck inside the Forest Enclave, they need to preserve a watch out for a aspect quest alongside the way in which. The search giver will probably be a girl tending to a lifeless man, and they are going to be situated on the sting of a cliff. With an exclamation level over her head, she’s going to give out a quest that requires gamers to search out Tyrannus in Outriders.

As soon as gamers start the hunt for Tyrannus, they are going to be delivered to the preliminary space earlier than the boss. As all the time, there will probably be waves of smaller enemies earlier than gamers can attain the actual boss in Outriders. The one enemies to fret about are Perforo and a small variety of Crawlers. After gamers take these out, Tyrannus will probably be subsequent in line to combat.

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A cut-scene with Tyrannus will mark the beginning of the boss combat, so it will not be a lot of a shock. The sector that gamers combat Tyrannus in is basically a circle with an enormous tree within the middle. The circle is open, however the tree gives some cowl and a protected spot.

When Tyrannus exhibits up, gamers in Outriders needs to be subsequent to the tree, and the purpose is to get the boss to comply with. If the trick works, Tyrannus will not have the ability to navigate across the tree, and gamers have free reign to shoot at it with out hazard.

So long as the gamers do not transfer whereas Tyrannus is caught, the boss will not assault, and it’ll go down very quickly. After defeating the boss, gamers can flip within the quest and run it another time. The search will preserve showing, and the loot will probably be fixed.

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