5 tips to easily beat Azhdaha in Genshin Impact

5 tricks to simply beat Azhdaha in Genshin Impression

Genshin Impression gamers have confronted a number of weekly bosses on their journey by way of Teyvat, and now, a brand new one has been added to the checklist.

For a lot of gamers, the brand new Geo dragon, Azhdaha, is probably going essentially the most difficult of the weekly boss battles. With extraordinarily sturdy assaults and large AoE radiuses, Azhdaha can simply drop a personality who isn’t cautious.

For these unprepared, this problem might be a nightmare. To assist Genshin Impression gamers win this battle, this text incorporates 5 stable ideas for taking over Azhdaha.

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Find out how to beat Azhdaha simply in Genshin Impression

Azhdaha is (image via Genshin Impact)
Azhdaha is (picture through Genshin Impression)

Azhdaha is a weekly boss that Genshin Impression gamers can unlock by finishing Zhongli’s latest story quest, Historia Antiqua Chapter Act 2: No Mere Stone.

Gamers can unlock this quest with a Story Key after fulfilling a couple of conditions:

  • Attain Journey Rank 40
  • Full Historia Antiqua Chapter Act I: Sal Flore
  • Full Chapter I Act IV: We Will Be Reunited

Within the new Zhongli story quest, Vacationers face off in opposition to Azhdaha for the primary time, that includes Zhongli as a trial character.

Azhdaha has three elemental kinds, every with distinctive mechanics and assaults. The primary will all the time be the usual Geo Dragon, however it later crystallizes right into a Hydro model of itself, and eventually, it is going to crystallize into Electro. The dragon switches elemental kinds when sufficient harm has been dealt to him.

With the next ideas, gamers can survive and thrive within the Azhdaha problem. The following tips will assist gamers keep away from Azdaha’s many AoE assaults, and likewise benefit from alternatives to deal vital harm.

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#5 – Preserve stamina

Qiqi climbing with low stamina (image via Genshin Impact) Qiqi climbing with low stamina (image via Genshin Impact)
Qiqi climbing with low stamina (picture through Genshin Impression)

Azhdaha’s assaults have such massive radiuses, gamers need to dash fairly a bit to keep away from large losses in HP.

It could be a good suggestion to take issues gradual when potential, avoiding sprints when not essential since they could must sprint greater than as soon as at a second’s discover.

Azhdaha’s Electro kind is the most important motive right here. Lightning and ground assaults, each could have gamers sprinting out of the best way greater than attacking, and never having sufficient stamina will be a simple method to lose a personality in battle.

#4 – Use a bow wielder

Ganyu firing an aimed shot at the Genshin Impact boss, Azhdaha (image via MELOO) Ganyu firing an aimed shot at the Genshin Impact boss, Azhdaha (image via MELOO)
Ganyu firing an aimed shot on the Genshin Impression boss, Azhdaha (picture through MELOO)

Gamers shouldn’t anticipate to struggle inside a cellphone sales space when going up in opposition to Azhdaha. In a number of elements of the battle, gamers might want to get distant from Azhdaha, or else a personality could be very more likely to fall.

There are a number of moments the place it’s simply plain unsafe to be close to the dragon. On a couple of events, he’ll put together a big AoE assault and provides gamers a couple of seconds to run. It’s right here that gamers can do further DPS by having a bow unit on the prepared.

#3 – Set off elemental reactions

Azhdaha boss battle in Genshin Impact: Diluc triggering Vaporize (image via Mtashed) Azhdaha boss battle in Genshin Impact: Diluc triggering Vaporize (image via Mtashed)
Azhdaha boss battle in Genshin Impression: Diluc triggering Vaporize (picture through Mtashed)

A lot of the present meta for the Azhdaha problem is uniquely defensive, attempting to reduce harm and evade assaults. Nonetheless, to make any actual progress, there must be some type of assault.

Azhdaha is a tank, and when it’s secure to deal harm, that likelihood must be maximized.

When in its Hydro and Electro kinds, it’s useful to create elemental reactions that improve harm output. Pyro assaults work nice in opposition to each of those kinds, creating Vaporize and Overload reactions respectively.

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#2 – Keep in secure positions

Azhdaha challenge in Genshin Impact: Electro danger zones (image via Mtashed) Azhdaha challenge in Genshin Impact: Electro danger zones (image via Mtashed)
Azhdaha problem in Genshin Impression: Electro hazard zones (picture through Mtashed)

Like with different weekly boss challenges in Genshin Impression, staying in optimum positions is vital to avoiding harm.

In its Geo kind, it’s greatest to orbit Azhdaha, transferring from his tail to his head. This works as a result of from behind and in entrance of him, it’s simpler to learn his assaults. When a personality is in entrance of Azhdaha, he tries a frontal assault, and when characters are behind him, he tries a tail swipe.

Within the Hydro stage, it’s greatest for gamers to maintain their distance to dodge assaults and attempt to land largely ranged assaults.

The ultimate stage could have gamers dodging Electro harm from the ground. For one of the best likelihood of having the ability to get to secure elements of the ground, gamers ought to attempt to keep close to the center of the sector.

There are additionally some alerts that inform gamers they should create a long way. Earlier than Azhdaha switches kind, the dragon does AoE harm in an enormous radius. Additionally, after he utters a voice line, it’s widespread that Azhdaha offers one other massive radius assault within the type of an earthquake.

#1 – Use a defend help character

Azhdaha boss battle in Genshin Impact: Zhongli Azhdaha boss battle in Genshin Impact: Zhongli
Azhdaha boss battle in Genshin Impression: Zhongli’s defend (picture through MELOO)

Though some Genshin Impression gamers might have constructed a staff that may deal with Azhdaha with no defend, this isn’t the case for many gamers. A defend help unit is virtually obligatory for the Azhdaha battle.

In Azhdaha’s Hydro kind, he fires orbs that debuff characters to deal very excessive harm over time, which regularly provides as much as hundreds of well being factors in essentially the most troublesome model of this boss battle. Jean can take away these debuffs, however most recreation mechanics received’t work to scrub away these results.

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These debuffs, nevertheless, received’t work within the first place if the assault lands on a shielded character.

Shields are additionally necessary due to Azhdaha’s Electro assaults. On this kind, the area will tackle a novel impact, glowing purple in some areas to indicate impending Electro harm. Gamers can get out of the best way, however their response time must be very quick, and plenty of are more likely to take a couple of hits. The harm right here can be very excessive to unshielded characters.

Since shields are necessary on this battle, Zhongli can be one of the best character on a participant’s staff. His capability to take care of a defend all through the entire battle makes issues a lot simpler. Nonetheless, any defend character will assist; it could even be price placing two shielders on the staff simply to be secure.

As a aspect observe, it must be recognized that some trusted leaks have proven Genshin Impression’s latest boss controlling different parts other than Hydro and Electro, so whether or not his talents are rotated sometimes stays to be seen.

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