5 least picked Genshin Impact characters for Spiral Abyss

5 least picked Genshin Impression characters for Spiral Abyss

It is not stunning who a number of the least picked Genshin Impression characters are for Ground 12 of the Spiral Abyss.

The entire information offered on this article is taken from a survey discovered right here. Significantly, it is in regards to the utilization fee discovered within the last column of the desk proven in that article, which exhibits some painful utilization charges for the characters on this article. Because it’s simply information from a survey, it isn’t essentially reflective of all the Genshin Impression group.

That mentioned, there are causes as to why a few of these characters simply aren’t picked that usually for Ground 12 of the Spiral Abyss. Generally they’re simply outclassed by one other character. They may very well be good in a vacuum, however that does not imply a lot when a number of different characters do the identical job higher than them. Apart from that, some Genshin Impression characters are simply dangerous in high-leveled fight conditions.

5 least picked Genshin Impression characters for Spiral Abyss

#5 – Kaeya (2.18%)

Kaeya (Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube))
Kaeya (Picture by way of Genshin Impression (YouTube))

Cryo is a good aspect to have, however Kaeya is the worst consumer of it in Genshin Impression. Contemplating Ganyu has the second-highest utilization fee in Genshin Impression, it should not be stunning {that a} truthful quantity of gamers would go for higher Cryo models.

He is additionally a extra egocentric model of Xingqiu, one other character that prime a really excessive utilization fee. Whereas Xingqiu can heal others together with his Elemental Talent, Kaeya is caught solely therapeutic himself. Contemplating Kaeya is not a very noteworthy DPS possibility, and lacks the remainder of the utility different characters have, it should not be stunning to see him close to the underside of the barrel.

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#4 – Razor (1.99%)

Razor fanart (Image via 🌊 CHILDE(Twitter)) Razor fanart (Image via 🌊 CHILDE(Twitter))
Razor fanart (Picture by way of 🌊 CHILDE(Twitter))

Razor is not a foul character per se, however the meta in Ground 12 would not favor him. For starters, he is a little bit of a egocentric DPS selection, as his Elemental Burst will vanish if the participant swaps to a different character. Provided that quickswapping is a viable side of the present metagame, having Razor would make it so gamers all the time should cease on Razor for an excellent few seconds.

Contemplating that a big majority of gamers on this survey had a number of five-star models (with a personality like Jean having almost 70% possession), a F2P DPS possibility like Razor merely will not reduce it when higher five-star DPS characters are round.

#3 – Amber (0.73%)

Amber fanart (Image via Safebooru) Amber fanart (Image via Safebooru)
Amber fanart (Picture by way of Safebooru)

Amber is commonly seen as one of many worst characters (if not, the worst character) in Genshin Impression. As charming as she is exterior of battle, her present talent set is just not excellent in Genshin Impression.

Her Elemental Burst is completely unimpressive (though it is certainly one of her higher abilities for Ground 12), whereas her Elemental Talent is very inefficient to make use of. Taunting different enemies could be good, however Baron Bunny will simply be destroyed if Amber is constructed for Assault. Constructing her for HP for Baron Bunny would simply make her DPS potential much more laughable.

Amber is just too weak of a DPS character or lacks an excessive amount of utility to be a viable assist possibility in Genshin Impression. She’s nice for exploring, however there is not a lot exploration to be accomplished within the Spiral Abyss.

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#2 – Xinyan (0.46%)

Xinyan (Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube) Xinyan (Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)
Xinyan (Picture by way of Genshin Impression (YouTube)

Xinyan is an attention-grabbing character in Genshin Impression. She’s a extremely defensive unit with good shields however is in the end outclassed by a number of different characters in what she will do for the crew. Her protect is extra offensively primarily based in comparison with a personality like Noelle’s, however that lack of defensive utility is noticeable at occasions.

Nonetheless, essentially the most picked character in Genshin Impression for Ground 12 is Zhongli, who additionally has a protect. It ought to go with out saying that gamers who personal Zhongli are sure to take him over Xinyan, which is outwardly a bit little bit of over half of the gamers surveyed.

Add in the truth that Bennet is a top-tier four-star Pyro assist possibility, and it must be sadly apparent why so many Genshin Impression gamers do not choose Xinyan for Ground 12.

#1 – Lisa (0.00%)

Lisa (Image via Wallpaper Cave) Lisa (Image via Wallpaper Cave)
Lisa (Picture by way of Wallpaper Cave)

Lisa had an astonishing 0% look fee and utilization fee based on the folks surveyed. Each different character had a distinct segment and was used someplace, however not Lisa. When her skillset in Genshin Impression, it isn’t stunning to see why she would by no means be picked.

In fact, some gamers in all probability have tried to make use of Lisa on Ground 12 of the Spiral Abyss earlier than, however they weren’t surveyed for the information discovered above. Nonetheless, it might nonetheless doubtless be a really small quantity, just because Lisa doesn’t work as effectively or successfully as different characters.

Her skillset is actually simply harm, which implies that she has little or no utility that she will deliver to a crew. Nonetheless, not like different predominant DPS characters, Lisa requires far an excessive amount of time to deal harm, which could be simply interrupted by the robust enemies on Ground 12.

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Be aware: This text displays the author’s private views.

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